Terms & Conditions:


Offer 1 – UnionPay Exclusive Privileges at Harbour Art Fair


  1. Cardholders must state the usage of UnionPay Credit Card or ATM Card with card number starting with 62 before payment, and settle the transaction via UnionPay network by swiping or inserting card, QuickPass, Mobile QuickPass or UnionPay App to enjoy the offer.

  2. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions unless specified.

  3. The offer carry no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash, commodities or other offers.

  4. Offer is not applicable at “Gallery by the Harbour”.

  5. In case of disputes, the decisions of UnionPay International Company Limited and Harbour City Estates Limited shall be final and conclusive.


Offer 2 - Harbour City VIC Club Card Exclusive Privileges at Harbour Art Fair


  1. Designated electronic payment is for credit card only.

  2. Please visit Harbour City website for VIC Club Members privileges and application terms.

  3. Promotion period is valid from 29 March 2019 to 1 April 2019 (i.e. sales translation of artworks and redemption of membership points must fall within this period) and is applicable for eligible Harbour City VIC Club members. Members must present their membership card and the original Payment Record(s) issued by Harbour Art Fair and the relevant electronic spending receipt(s) in person bearing the same name as the registered Member’s name for verification to earn points at the “Shoppers’ Care Centre” on Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City.

  4. Receipts used for point redemption in this promotion will be stamped for identification. Each eligible original receipt will be entitled for point redemption once only.

  5. In case of any disputes, the decision of Harbour City Estate Limited shall be final.


Offer 3 – Special Gifts for Art Buyers

  1. The FREYWILLE jewellery gift redemption letter can only be redeemed at Room 1247 on 12/F of Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel by presenting a maximum of three combined valid receipts under the same ID card holder, credit card holder or passport holder, totalling HK$50,000 or HK$10,0000 or above issued by participating galleries of the Harbour Art Fair. Receipts must first be stamped at Harbour Art Fair Office Room 1201 on 12/F of Marco Polo Hong Kong.

  2. Each buyer can redeem one gift only.

  3. Please inspect the gift on site. All gifts are not returnable or exchangeable.

  4. The gift cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers, discounts or promotional offers.

  5. In case of any disputes, Harbour City Estates Limited and the related merchants reserve the right of final decision.


Offer 4 – Lucky Draw


  1. “Harbour Art Fair Lucky Draw” (the “Lucky Draw”) is organized by Harbour City Estates Limited (“Harbour City”) .

  2. Participants must deposit lucky draw tickets into collection box placed on 12/F of Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel during Harbour Art Fair (i.e. between 29 March 2019 12nn and 1 April 2019 8pm) in order to enter the Lucky Draw.

  3. Participants must be aged 18 or above to enter the Lucky Draw.

  4. Each participant can enter the Lucky Draw once only, re-entering participants will be disqualified.

  5. Each participant will win one prize only.

  6. Participants must provide all required information in the lucky draw tickets. Lucky draw tickets with incomplete information will be annulled.

  7. The Lucky Draw will be held on 4 April 2019. Results of the Lucky Draw will be published on Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on 12 April 2019. Prize winners will be notified by telephone and email on details for collection of prizes.

  8. Lucky draw prizes will only be presented to the prize winners. All prizes are not redeemable for cash, waiver spending, goods or services. All prizes must be claimed by 12 May 2019. Prizes will be cancelled if they are not claimed within the specified period. There will not be any cash compensation.

  9. Prize winners must present valid and original identity or travel documents for verification purposes for claiming the prizes.

  10. If the prize winner is unable to collect the prizes in person, an authorised person must present an authorisation letter signed by the prize winner, copy of the identification or travel document of the prize winner and original copy of the identification or travel document of the authorised person.

  11. Employees, contractors, advertising sponsors, sponsors, publicity agents and participating galleries of Harbour Art Fair and Harbour City are eligible to enter the Lucky Draw and opportunity is equal.

  12. Unless stipulated by law, Harbour City shall not be liable in any way to any person for any personal injury, loss or damage (whether directly, indirectly or otherwise) arising from the uses of the prizes.

  13. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Harbour City shall be final & conclusive.

  14. The Lucky Draw will take place in Hong Kong. All legal issues in relation the Lucky Draw shall be governed by and submitted to the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the Terms and Conditions herein shall also be construed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  15. In the event of discrepancies between the English and the Chinese versions of the Terms and Conditions herein, the English version shall prevail.

  16. Participants’ personal data will be used for future promotion purpose with participants’ consent


Offer 5 – Parking Benefits


  1. Single original machine-printed receipt on the same day of purchase at any outlet of Harbour City.

  2. Single receipt on the same day of purchase at Harbour Art Fair. Please redeem a Harbour Art Fair parking coupon at Room 1201, 12/F Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel.

  3. Please redeem this parking privilege at Car Park Shroff Office.

  4. Please present the valid Harbour Art Fair parking coupon and the original printed receipt and corresponding original electronic payment slip on the same day of purchase to enjoy the benefit. Apple Pay transactions, Octopus reload, bank transactions, membership payments, bill payments, hand-written, re-print or photocopied receipts are not acceptable.

  5. Eligible spending does not include any payment made with coupons, cash/gift vouchers, gift cards or merchants’ stored-value cards.

  6. Valid at all Harbour City Car Parks except Harbour City Pier 3 P3 Car Park.

  7. This offer is applicable to private cars only.

  8. This offer is valid from 29 March to 1 April 2019.

  9. In case of any disputes, Harbour City Estates Limited reserves the right of final decision.






優惠一 – 銀聯卡Harbour Art Fair 2019獨家優惠


  1. 持卡人必須於享用優惠前說明使用以62開頭之銀聯信用卡或提款卡,並以該卡通過銀聯網絡簽賬,拍銀聯卡、銀聯手機閃或云閃付app方式交易,方可享用有關優惠。

  2. 除特別註明外,優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用。

  3. 優惠並無現金價值,不可更換及不能兌換現金、其他商品或折扣。

  4. 優惠並不適用於「海港城‧美術館」。

  5. 如有任何爭議,銀聯國際有限公司及海港城置業有限公司保留最終決定權。


優惠二 – 海港城VIC Club會員卡Harbour Art Fair獨家優惠


  1. 指定電子貨幣只適用於信用卡。

  2. 海港城VIC Club會員優惠及申請條款可瀏覽海港城網站

  3. 推廣期為2019年3月29日至4月1日,並適用於合資格的VIC Club 會員,有關的會員積分換領必須在推廣期內進行。會員須帶同會員卡及由Harbour Art Fair發出的正本付款記錄及相關電子貨幣簽賬單據 (電子貨幣付款單據上之姓名必須與會員申請入會時所登記之姓名相符),親身於海港城海運大廈3階之「顧客服務中心」辦理換領會員積分手續。

  4. 換領會員積分時須於付款記錄正本及電子貨幣付款存根正本上蓋章,以作稽核之用。每張單據只限登記積分乙次。

  5. 如有任何爭議,海港城置業有限公司保留最終決定權。


優惠三 – 買家尊享之特別禮品


  1. 兌換FREYWILLE珠寶禮品者必須於馬哥孛羅香港酒店12樓1247號房,出示最多3張合計消費滿港幣50,000或港幣100,000以上、由參展畫廊發出之有效單據 (單據上之姓名必須與身份證、信用卡或護照上之姓名相符) 領取禮品換領信,有效單據須預先前往馬哥孛羅香港酒店12樓1201號房蓋印作實。

  2. 每位買家只限換領禮品乙份。

  3. 請即場檢查禮品,禮品一經換領,不設退換。

  4. 禮品不可與其他優惠券、折扣或宣傳優惠共同使用。

  5. 如有任何爭議,海港城置業有限公司及有關商戶保留最終決定權。


優惠四 – 大抽獎


  1. 「Harbour Art Fair大抽獎」(“大抽獎”)由海港城置業有限公司(“海港城”)舉辦。

  2. 參加者必須把抽獎券於Harbour Art Fair期間(即2019年3月29日中午12時正至4月1日下午8時正)放進馬哥孛羅香港酒店12/F之收集箱內方可參加大抽獎。

  3. 參加者必須年滿18歲方可參加大抽獎。

  4. 每名參加者只可參加大抽獎一次,重覆參加者將被取消資格。

  5. 每名參加者只限中獎一次。

  6. 參加者必須填妥抽獎券上的各項資料,資料不詳的抽獎券將被作廢。

  7. 大抽獎將於2019年4月4日舉行。大抽獎得獎結果將於2019年4月12日於星島日報及英文虎報公佈,得獎者將收到電話及電郵通知領獎詳情。

  8. 大抽獎獎品只會頒贈予得獎者。所有獎品均不可轉換或兌換現金、消費簽賬額、貨品或服務。所有獎品均須於2019年5月12日前領取。得獎者如未能於限期前領取獎品,其獎品將被取消,亦不可要求以現金以補償。

  9. 得獎者前往領獎時,必須出示有效身分證或旅行證件正本作核實用途。

  10. 如未能親自領獎,代領者須出示得獎者簽名之委託信、得獎者之身份證或旅行證件副本、以及代領者身分證或旅行證件正本。

  11. Harbour Art Fair及海港城之員工、其僱用承包商、廣告贊助商、贊助商、公關代理及參展畫廊均可參加大抽獎,機會均等。

  12. 因享用獎品(包括但不限於直接或間接)而造成的損失或破壞,或人身傷害,海港城概不負責,法律規定之責任除外。

  13. 如有任何爭議,海港城置業有限公司保留最終決定權。

  14. 大抽獎於香港舉行,所有與大抽獎相關的法律問題,將受香港特別行政區之法律規限及管轄,而本條款及細則亦須根據香港特別行政區之法律詮釋。

  15. 若本條款及細則之中英文譯本有任何歧義,將以英文版本作準。

  16. 如得到參加者同意,其個人資料會用作日後宣傳用途。


優惠五 – 泊車優惠


  1. 只接受即日單一海港城商戶印單據正本。

  2. 只接受即日單一Harbour Art Fair場內有效之收據。請於馬哥孛羅香港酒店12樓1201號房換領Harbour Art Fair泊車優惠劵。

  3. 顧客請於停車場繳費處辦理以上泊車優惠手續。

  4. 享用此優惠時請出示即日有效的Harbour Art Fair泊車優惠劵及海港城商戶機印單據正本及電子貨幣付款存根正本;所有Apple Pay簽賬交易、八達通增值、銀行費用、會籍費用、繳付帳單、手寫單據、重印或影印本單據恕不接受。

  5. 以優惠劵、現金禮劵、禮物卡或商戶儲值卡付款之消費金額不計算在內。

  6. 優惠適用於海港城所有停車場 (三號碼頭P3停車場除外)。

  7. 優惠只適用於私家車。

  8. 此泊車優惠有效期為2019年3月29日至4月1日。

  9. 如有任何爭議,海港城置業有限公司將保留最終決定權。