Media Coverage

The Harbour Art Fair 2019 was extensively covered by both local and international media outlets from newspapers to magazines and various online platforms, including the Art Basel Supplements of SCMP and HK Tatler respectively, U Magazine, MORE Magazine, Sky Post, am730, and Lifestyle Asia etc. 

The Harbour Art Fair 2019吸引了不少本地和國際媒體廣泛報導,包括南華早報及HK Tatler之Art Basel副刊、U Magazine、MORE Magazine、晴報、am730和Lifestyle Asia等報章、雜誌及各種網上平台等。

Highlighted Coverage
Social Networking Sites

Apart from the official website, Harbour Art Fair 2019 has reached a wide group of audience with various cultural platforms including the Facebook pages of Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association, Art Map, Closetoculture, and Harper’s BAZAAR etc. Harbour City’s Facebook Page is now followed by 150,000+ followers together with the Instagram Page with over 50,000+ followers.

除了官方網站,Harbour Art Fair 2019透過海港城的社交媒體平台,包括香港藝術行政人員協會、藝術地圖、拉近文化及Harper’s BAZAAR等Facebook專頁得以被廣泛關注。Harbour City的Facebook專頁至今已有15萬多位支持者,而Instagram帳戶則擁有5萬多位追隨者。